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Face it.

You're unique, one-of-a-kind, differ­ent from the rest, maybe off-the-wall, but no­where near off-the-shelf. So how could you possibly expect mass-pro­duced cloth­ing to do your indi­vi­dual­ity jus­tice? Well, you can't. But the good news is: you don't have to. We're here to bring out the best in your appear­ance, custom tailor made, to help you show them what you're made of!

Magic and miracles.

Let us apply the magic of our trade to your suits, shirts, and to your individual jackets, trousers and dresses. You're always welcome to add some access­ories too. Talk to us about those fad­ed/jad­ed trou­sers and shirts that you love so much (and bring them along if poss­ible): we can re-create them to per­fec­tion, with fabrics of your choice! Expect magic turn­around times. Mirac­les might occa­sionally take a little longer...

Quality minded, always.

What we're offering is seamless per­fection, always com­bined with highest quality stand­ards. And that covers every aspect of the process — fabrics, detail­ing, choices, and of course always in­cor­por­ating your individual pre­fer­ences.


Our employees enjoy fair working conditions — the word "sweat­shop" is just not in our voca­bu­lary. Which also means we're not "cheap": we just have attrac­tive and reason­able prices. And that en­sures con­stant, highest quality on every level!

Ahead of the crowd.

You can trust our years of expe­rience. Our busi­ness has been flouri­shing since 1977, and you bene­fit fully from the accumu­lated know-how and experi­ence!
...and everything from a single source.